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Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham, Washington

Reciprocal Slip Procedures

PDF of CYC Reciprocal Slip Procedures

Harbor map - click to enlarge

Upon entering the EAST entrance of Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham Bay, proceed past the Bellwether Hotel and Anthony's Hearthfire Restaurant (on your starboard). Your bow will be pointed to the "O" dock, which is the visitors dock. You may tie-up to that dock temporarily. A CYC sign is located at the west end of this dock, and you will find these instructions. Boats up to 40' overall can be accommodated, on a first come, space available basis. These slips are made available by members who are out cruising. If no member slips are available, then use visitors dock, and use a Port of Bellingham pay envelope, available by The Loft restaurant. Write CYC in large letters in "fee enclosed" section. CYC Bellingham will pay Port for total of 24 hours moorage, and you will be responsible for additional days.

Directions for use of Reciprocal Slips

  1. Refer to the map accompanying this sheet to locate CYC reciprocal slips which are as follows:
    Up to 32' overall "M" West 48,49,50,51,52,53,56,57,58
    33'-38' overall "N" West 34,36,37,38,39,42,43,44,45
    Up to 40' overall "N" West 46
  2. Walk dock to locate the reciprocal slips and determine which ones may be available.
  3. Look for the vertical CYC AVAILABLE sign by the entrance to the slip. If there is no sign and no boat, assume that the slip is NOT available.
  4. In the tube attached to the dock box at the reciprocal slips, you will find a slip that states the owner's name and date of return. You may use the slip if the stated date is no sooner than tomorrows date.
  5. Move your boat into the slip.
  6. Someone must be on the vessel overnight, and if you leave the vessel, please leave a note as to where or how you may reached.
  7. Please vacate the slip prior to the owner's return.

CYC Bellingham members, through the cooperation of the Port of Bellingham, are making these reciprocal slips available to you. Please respect the rules for the usage of these slips, or they may be lost to you and others forever. You are responsible for your actions and must take responsibility for damage caused to the Port's facilities, other boats and/or people by your actions. In using these facilities, you agree to hold harmless the Port of Bellingham and Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham for damages caused by your actions.

Join us for potluck dinner while using our slip. See the Meeting Information page.

4 FEB 2019

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