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October 2018

Volume 34 Number 10

October 2018 issue:

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The Next Potluck Meeting is October 9 at 6:00 PM

Speakers: Amanda Eurich and Laurent Martel

Commodore's Corner

Amanda and I have finally returned from a month overseas. Still a little jet-lagged but the wounds have mostly healed.

The trip had gone so smoothly, the flight to Paris, train connections to the south of France, the two-week canal barge on the river Lot. All was seamless, almost too perfect, so I guess I should have been prepared for what followed. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later. It was just our turn.

Checking our bags at the Toulouse airport for our flight to Dublin, I thought to myself “boy, this guy has a funny French accent” but it’s France, so OK. He was just about to tag our bags and push the button when both Amanda and I realized “he’s not saying Dublin, he’s saying Dubai.” ARRET, ATTENDEZ, STOP! From that point on, everything went into the pissoir.

Not Dublin, mind you, we had a great time there (with our bags). It was in the leaving.

Those of you who know us might well ask: Why Dublin?


It seems that Jean de Coras, the subject of Amanda’s writings, (soon to be a book, but don’t ask Amanda when, please!), wrote a broadside in 1570. There are only two left in existence, one is at the Marsh Library in Dublin. Amanda just had to see it.

It is a certain type of person who enjoys sitting for days at a time in an airless, windowless room in some musty, moth-eaten archive wearing white gloves while viewing an old book which arrives on a pillow to prevent the viewer from opening the manuscript wider than 30 degrees. That person would be my wife.

In the meantime, I was exploring the pubs and selecting the perfect restaurant to take Amanda to in the evening after she takes off the white gloves. So, we both had a great time in Dublin.

The problem arose with the first storm of the season. Storm Ali was very unkind to us. One hundred twenty-five km winds shut down the Dublin airport on the morning of our departure. Confusion reigned supreme. Finally, Air France gave us an extra night in Ireland. However, we then missed our Air Canada flight from Paris, and, as the flights were not connected, “tant pis!” We’re on our own. We were stuck in Charles de Gaulle for another night (I do not recommend trying to find a hotel room when it’s fashion week in Paris). We finally secured the last room at the airport Novatel at a cool $450.00 (by the hour might be cheaper). Next day we secured a flight to Montreal, another layover, and then on to Vancouver. Heck, we can walk from there.

Four airports in 48 hours and lucky to be alive! I expect that this will be one of our most memorable travel experiences: one that, years from now, no matter how dire our circumstances, I can turn to Amanda and say: “But darling, (as the prop engine in the background sputters to life) we’ll always have Dubai.”

Laurent Martel
Your Commy


Ahoy Cruisers!

Sadly, we are approaching the last leg of the cruising season (except for those hearty sailors who cruise throughout winter!). However, our club has one last cruise planned, and it is the best cruise of the year! Tracy and Troy Olney will be hosting the annual Turkey Fry Cruise to Blakely Island on October 26-28. This is a cruise that is not to be missed! This will be the fifth year that Tracy and Troy have been hosting this cruise; they are the best hosts ever! You should have already received a notice of the event in your email, please RSVP ASAP so that T&T can plan for the event. They are planning some special events including a Halloween party on Friday night!

Your cruise chair (me!) and my plus one, Deb, really want to go on this awesome cruise but sadly our boat is in Vancouver this year. If you have room on your boat for an extra couple, please let us know as soon as possible. We are good sailors, friendly people, and we don't take up much space! I will regale you with photos and stories of my five-week cruise to the Broughton Islands this summer!

That's it for now. I am moving from Cruise Chair to Membership Chair in the coming year. Thanks to all those members who have volunteered to host cruises over the last two years. You have provided a valuable service to the club. We are all looking forward to a great cruise year in 2019!

Fair winds,
Ken Russell

2018 CYC Officers
and Board Members

Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Kathy Sheehan
Secretary - Roni Lenore
Treasurer - Joe Bartlett
Administrative Officer - Lesli Beasley
Membership Chair - Dave Hewlett
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Ken Russell
Reciprocity - Greg Hartgraves
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Linda Benafel

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October: Laurent and Amanda will present-Canal Barging the River Lot. Cahors, France. Home to the "Black Wines of Cahors” aka Malbec.

November: Nancy Hart will present-Matia Island and It’s History.

December: Christmas Program with Bellingham High School’s Show Stoppers.

Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

October 2018

October 9: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

October 23: CYC Board Meeting, Commodore's House

October 26-28: Blakely Island Turkey Cruise, Hosts: Tracy and Troy Olney

November 2018

November 13: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

November 27: CYC Board Meeting, Commodore's House

Cruising Recipes

Roni brought this delicious soup to the September Potluck and was willing to share her recipe.

Easy Delicious Garbanzo Coconut Curry Soup

  • Chop fine: 1 med onion, 1 large red pepper and 2 carrots, and sauté in olive oil or coconut oil.
  • Add a large bunch of kale, spines removed, chopped fine – sauté until soft.
  • Add garbanzo beans (1 can - unless double or triple the recipe)
  • Add mushrooms (1 can organic -original recipe used a variety of exotic mushrooms, not sure if they were canned).
  • 1 can rough chopped tomatoes, excess liquid removed.
  • 1 can coconut milk (or coconut creme for extra richness, or one of each if doubling, etc.)
  • Spice with curry and fresh grated ginger; salt and pepper as desired.


Recipe from Roni Lenore as adapted from Bellingham’s Food Coop. This recipe is easily doubled or tripled.

Flotsam and Jetsam

The Community Boating Center’s Fall Workparty

October 20, 10 am -1 pm
555 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225

The CBC’s annual Fall Work Party is coming up on October 20, and there's not much to say other than this - you bring your two hands and a smile, CBC will provide the coffee, pizza, donuts (and task list). Saturday, October 20th, 10am-1pm, jump on board to help them clean the boatyard and prep the boats for the winter! They recommend wearing weather appropriate clothes you're comfortable getting dirty, and closed toe shoes. To RSVP or for more information, email their Volunteer Coordinator Erica Reed.

Visit for more information.

Seaview Boatyard Matching-Fund Chips for Sale

If you are hauling out at Seaview in the near future, I have $350 in unused "matching funds" for sale.

These are basically Seaview discounts that I have been unable to use.

I have two "matching funds" chips; one is for $250 and one is for $100. They can be applied to your Seaview bill, as long as your bill is at least $250 or $100.

Make me an offer for one or both of these chips and take $250 or $100 off your haulout bill.

Contact for more information.

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