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December 2018

Volume 34 Number 12

December 2018 issue:

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The Next Potluck Meeting is December 11 at 6:00 PM

Speaker: Max Trickett from LFS presenting “New Boating ‘Must Haves’”

Commodore's Corner

Joyeux Noel,

And here we are…another year shot to hell!

I’d like to think that our club has made some progress over the past year. Here are a few highlights:

  • Another fun Winter Dance which raised a goodly sum for our friends and partners at the Community Boating Center.
  • A successful race season and a great bunch of committee boat volunteers.
  • An exceptional Lifesling seminar (a program we intend to repeat in 2020).
  • And the cruises? From the Matia/Machia cleanup (I worked my butt off), to Turn Point, our members turned out. The joint BYC/CYC at Fisherman Bay was the best seafood fest I’ve ever attended. Let’s hear it for the hunter/gatherers! The cruising year culminated in a spectacular way with the October turkey fry, a world record attendance with 35 folks on 14 boats.

There are way too many to thank for making it all happen in this article. (I am under strict orders from our newsletter editor. Brevity is the operative word.) However, I personally wish to thank our CYC board “en ensemble.” We all worked tirelessly (when we chose to work) in facilitating these events.

Looking to 2019, I’ve been going over our members’ renewal checklist from last year. One category that jumps out over all others is: education. So, let me put it to you, (YES, I mean YOU) come to the December potluck and bring your proposal. Ideas are good, but a fully formed proposal with contact numbers will put your idea to the top of the list. The board has an education budget and cannot wait to spend it.

Here’s looking at you kid in 2019

Your Commy,

P.S. Sorry, no punch line this time!


Ahoy Cruisers!

The cruising season is pretty much done unless you are pretty hard core about sailing. But there is no reason to not cruise during the winter as long as you watch the weather and have a heater on your boat! However, the club will not be sponsoring cruises until the start of the 2019 cruising season about April of next year when we do our annual Matia cruise. It has been a good year, and we look forward to a great year of cruising in 2019!

After two years as Cruise Chair I will be stepping down, or rather moving over, to be the Membership Chair, a new and interesting challenge for me! As a result, we are looking for a Cruise Chair to replace me... step on up! It is a fun and easy volunteer job that does not require much of your time. Most of the work takes place in February and March to organize cruises for the year. I have experience with that and would be happy to help you with the process. We would not have a yacht club without club members stepping up to volunteer; no one is paid and volunteering is what keeps our dues low and our activities high. It is a great way to meet other boaters who become friends!

It has been a great couple of years serving the club as the Cruise Chair. I wish for your continued adventures on the water, and I will be seeing you down at the docks or out on the water!

May you have fair winds and calm seas,
Ken Russell

Membership News


Over the past couple of years a few new members who joined the CYC did not receive their official name tag. Name tags are generally worn during club events such as the monthly potluck. Most members keep their name tags at the Squalicum Yacht Club boathouse where we meet. They pick them up when they arrive for the potluck or barbecue and wear them during the event. When leaving, they re-attach them to the felt board so they are there when they return for the next potluck. If you did not receive a name tag when you joined the club please contact Ken Russell (2019 Membership Chair), and he will make sure that you get one. You can contact Ken at

2018 CYC Officers
and Board Members

Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Kathy Sheehan
Secretary - Roni Lenore
Treasurer - Joe Bartlett
Administrative Officer - Lesli Beasley
Membership Chair - Dave Hewlett
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Ken Russell
Reciprocity - Greg Hartgraves
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Linda Benafel

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Unfortunately, the Showstoppers are unable to be with us for our holiday potluck this year, but we have a great speaker instead.

Our guest speaker for our December Potluck meeting is Max Trickett from LFS. He is going to talk about the exciting new boating “Must Have” items for your boats. He will bring special discount coupons for our members and answer any of your boating questions.

I tried to schedule Joy & Jim Carey as speakers for a 2019 Potluck. We had them speak at one of our summer potlucks and tell their story about being rescued by the Coast Guard as they had to abandon their sailboat off the coast of Oregon.

Many of you have requested to have Jim and Joy back to update us after finally recovering their boat. They are in Fort Bragg, CA and won’t be able to come up and speak to our club. However; Joy wrote an update message for our newsletter. As you read below, you will see why they are my new heroes.

Lesli Beasley

–Lesli Beasley (360) 201-1669
CYC Administration Officer

Hello to the Corinthian Yacht Club in Bellingham,

We thought we had lost our boat, Kelaerin, in rough seas when a rollover ended our circumnavigation 150 miles from our departure point off Cape Flattery. You listened to our tale and then a few weeks later we were informed by the USCG station in Coos Bay, Oregon that the CG cutter Barracuda had come upon our boat 44 miles out from Ft. Bragg, CA while on a routine patrol. We took off with our RV to Ft. Bragg almost immediately, and since arriving here on July 25, we have been hard at work dewatering Kelaerin and mucking the “book” sludge out from every locker, crack and crevice there is on the boat.

It seemed to us like it might be an almost impossible task when we first looked at her, but friends from 40 years ago in our boat building days called and insisted on coming up and helping us out. What a great start it was. Mike helped Jim remove the steering pedestal, the cockpit floor and then the engine while Alison helped me scoop out the sludge from the bilges.

The engine removal has been the costliest and logistically challenging part of this ordeal. We had to hire a crane, then hire a truck and take the engine to San Francisco to a diesel mechanic. Five weeks of being soaked in salt water had done a number on the Ford Lehman diesel engine that Jim had painstakingly taken care of for almost 30 years. It’s back in now, and Jim is tackling the tedious job of rewiring everything in the battery box and the engine room.

I’m doing what I’ve always done…painting, scraping, and varnishing. Pretty much every square inch of the boat needs a re-do. There’s a lot that needs replacing like our cockpit enclosure, cushions, several electronics, the dinghy, a main sail and so on, but we are getting there. We hope to head south to Ensenada in a couple more months.

Thanks for thinking about us. I apologize for not getting back to you all before this. We just got involved in the project. We’ve been lucky that so many of our old cruising friends have stayed in contact with us, even visiting us here, and the Ft. Bragg fishermen and sailing locals have stopped by regularly to see what progress we’ve made. We’re in good spirits. We’re working hard like always, and looking forward to getting back to cruising. We have our sights set on the Sea of Cortez for a few years, and then back up to the PNW to sail the inside passage to Alaska. We will be back up that way in our RV trailer for the summer months in the meantime, and we’ll be sure to drop by one of the club meetings to check in.

Joy Carey

Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

December 2018

December 1: Lighted Boat Parade, Bellingham Bay

December 7: Community Boating Center Holiday Party, Squalicum Boathouse

December 11: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

January 2019

January 8: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

January 22: CYC Board Meeting, Commodore's House

Cruising Recipes

This is one of my favorite fall/winter salads. It is so colorful in the bowl. Usually, I cut the recipe in half because it makes a lot. -Linda Benafel

Radicchio Salad with Caramelized Carrots and Onions

Yield 8–10 servings (or more)


  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • 2 pounds carrots, cut into 4x1/2" sticks
  • 1/2 cup olive oil, divided
  • 2 tablespoons thyme leaves, divided
  • 2 3/4 teaspoons kosher salt, divided
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, divided
  • 2 medium red onions, cut into 1/2" wedges
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely grated
  • 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon sherry vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 large or 2 small heads radicchio (about 11 ounces), leaves separated and cut into medium pieces
  • 4 oranges, peeled, sliced into 1/2" half moons
  • 2 cups parsley leaves


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Toast almonds on a rimmed baking sheet, tossing halfway through, until golden brown, 8–10 minutes; set aside.
  2. Cook carrots, 2 Tbsp. oil, 1 Tbsp. thyme, 1 tsp. salt, 1/4 tsp. red pepper, and 1 cup water in a large skillet over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until water is evaporated, about 15 minutes. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, until carrots are lightly browned and tender, about 5 minutes more.
  3. Meanwhile, heat 2 Tbsp. oil in another large skillet over medium-high. Add onions, 1 tsp. salt, and remaining 1 Tbsp. thyme and 1/4 tsp. red pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until onions are lightly browned and tender, 10–12 minutes.
  4. Whisk garlic, vinegar, orange juice, honey, and remaining 1/4 cup oil and 3/4 tsp. salt in a large bowl. Add carrot mixture, onion mixture, radicchio, orange slices, and parsley and toss to coat. Top with reserved almonds.

Here is the recipe on-line which includes a video.

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27 NOV 2018
Linda Benafel, Laurent Martel, Chuck Dingée, Lesli Beasley, Ken Russell.

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