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August 2018

Volume 34 Number 8

August 2018 issue:

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The Next Potluck Meeting is August 14th at 6:00 PM

We are having our usual Summer Potluck on August 14th at 6:00 PM. Bring something to share and your own meat to throw on the BBQ. No speaker this time.

Commodore's Corner

Aout 2018

It is true that the CYC does not schedule a presenter at our summer BBQ’s, however, those of us who attended our July BBQ were treated to a very special event.

Two months ago, our CYC board received a new membership application from Hawaii. We generally don’t consider an application outside our region, but this was unique. Jim and Joy Carey were early members of the CYC Bellingham, but for the last 17 years they have been sailing around the world. After logging 72,000 miles, they were on the final leg of their journey and returning to Bellingham. We were unanimous in approving their membership. There’s got to be a story here, we thought, and we were looking forward to hearing their tales.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from Dave, our membership chair: “Did you see the Herald?” He was referring me to an article about a Coast Guard rescue at sea. It was the Careys, and they were only 150 miles off Neah Bay!

I was able to contact Joy. They are fine, she told me, but they lost everything. Their boat was gone. They told me they were staying in Bellingham with another long time CYC member, Dawn Weatherby, so I invited them to join us for our BBQ in July. They were unsure if they could attend. Well, they did come to our event, so I asked if I could introduce them to our membership. Jim went ahead and then launched into the harrowing tale of the rogue wave which swamped their boat and the coast guard helicopter rescue. What a story, but not the one we had hoped to hear! I am now in the process of removing all paperback books from my boat…. Now, aren’t you sorry you didn’t make it to BBQ Tuesday?

PS - Joy contacted me recently. The Coast Guard has recovered their boat off Fort Bragg, California. They are now down there to see if anything may be salvaged.

Now on to another story. Amanda and I were settling in on the boat and dusk was upon us. I looked up to see the lights of a boat on a collision course. We’re going to get T-boned again! I leapt up the gangway, ready to fend off…. oh…false alarm. It’s only Troy Olney returning from a day’s fishing and just going for my re-action. I hope I didn’t disappoint.

He spun his Albin about and handed me a bag with about a pound of freshly caught spot prawns as he passed by. Wow! Guess what we had for dinner the next day? As Amanda so succinctly phrased it, “Now I know why you have to be down on the boat all summer.”

I consider myself a decent “garbage cook,” able to whip up a good dinner utilizing the ingredients on-board. The endeavor was made much simpler with great, fresh spot prawns. This is the inspired recipe I came up with: Spot Prawn Linguini à la Troy. See recipe below.

Now, I know there are some of you CYC cynics out there that are going to assume that this was Troy’s brazen attempt to curry favor with the Commodore. Nothing could be further from the truth! But if you would wish to test your theory, we are located on the very end of N dock #46. Stop on by!

Laurent Martel
Your Commy


August Cruise Report

Ahoy Cruisers! It is that time of year when we should all be out on the water, jobs and busy lives permitting! I just returned from a week of cruising in the Gulf Islands--a nice change from the San Juans. While anchored in Dogfish Bay near Gabriola Island, Deb and I were entertained by Channel 16 radio traffic. The high tides and busy vacation week caused quite a circus in the Dodd Narrows just south of Naniamo. The radio transmissions that were exchanged between boats at this busy passage emphasized in my mind why it is so important to monitor Channel 16 whenever underway, particularly when traveling through a busy area. It also reminded me that when broadcasting to boats that are close by it is a good practice to keep your radio transmission setting on low power—no reason to notify boats 15 miles away when your intention is to communicate with the boats that are only within a quarter mile of you. So, stay safe out there and practice good seapersonship!

September Cruise Prognosis:

So far, no club members have volunteered to host a September Cruise. 8-( But if you plan to be out on the water on any particular weekend in September and would like to be sociable, please send me an email telling me the dates and your destination. I will relay the message to other club members so you can have good company and share the enjoyment with other club members!

Blakely Island Turkey Fry Cruise Date Change:

Yes, we are already talking about the last cruise of the season. This cruise is one of the most popular and one of the funnest cruises of the year. It is hosted by Tracy and Troy Olney who always make it a weekend to remember. Please make a note that the dates for this cruise have changed from October 20-22 (as printed in the club roster) to October 26-28.

Fair winds and cool breezes to you all!
Ken Russell

2018 CYC Officers
and Board Members

Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Kathy Sheehan
Secretary - Roni Lenore
Treasurer - Joe Bartlett
Administrative Officer - Lesli Beasley
Membership Chair - Dave Hewlett
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Ken Russell
Reciprocity - Greg Hartgraves
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Linda Benafel

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August Anacortes Cruise Report from Bruce Henninger:

The weather was spectacular! The facility was very welcoming. The music was lovely. The art was artsy? Four boats made the voyage. Next year we have a party barge and will be able to have our boats together.

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ana18h3 ana18h4
ana18v1 ana18v2 ana18v3


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August 2018

August 3-5: Anacortes Arts Festival Cruise, Hosts: Bruce and Cindy Henninger

August 14: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

September 2018

September 11: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

September 25: CYC Board Meeting

Cruising Recipes

Spot Prawn Linguini à la Troy

Shell half the prawns and roast the shells.

Simmer in water (or wine) to make a stock.

Use ½ cup of stock in the sauté; the remainder use in cooking the pasta.

  • 1 lb linguini
  • 1 lb spot prawns (shelled and unshelled)
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 1 onion (finely chopped
  • A handful of pine nuts
  • 1 pinch of dried red chilis
  • 1 tbs herbs de Provence (oregano + thyme)
  • 4 oz white wine
  • ½ cup prawn stock
  • 1 blood orange (or lemon) juiced
  • 2 oz pear brandy
  • 2 oz butter
  • 1 tbs parsley

Sauté onion and garlic until translucent or they begin to caramelize. Add pine nuts and chilis, and sauté another minute. Add herbs de Provence and deglaze with the wine

Meanwhile: cook the pasta in the remainder of prawn stock and water.

Add juice of blood orange and prawn stock to sauté and reduce. Time for the prawns (they should not cook longer than 2 minutes). Add the pear brandy and the butter.

Drain the pasta, then add to the sautéed mixture.

As the Italian chef said: “If they don’t dance together, how will they ever fall in love.”

Simmer for just a minute. Sprinkle with parsley as you serve.

Please note: (And this is very important) NO CHEESE !!

It’s an Italian thing, if shellfish or any seafood is in the pasta…It is an abomination to add cheese. It is the only thing all Italians will agree upon. Trust me.


Flotsam and Jetsam

Enjoy a Day on Bellingham Bay!


August 25th marks the CBC's annual summer party, and you're invited! Our expert guides will take you sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding on Bellingham Bay, or you can take out a boat at your own pace.

After you get off the Bay, we'll have food by Simmering Tava, along with beer by Stones Throw Brewing Co., games, live music, and fun for the whole family, as well as a paddleboard raffle, courtesy of Kite Paddle Surf! All proceeds from the raffle go toward supporting safety equipment and programs at the CBC.

Tickets: $55 adult / $20 youth

Tickets include guided tours, instruction, boat use, your first beverage from Stones Throw, and unlimited fun!

Register Here

We'll see you on the Bay!

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9 AUG 2018
Linda Benafel, Laurent Martel, Chuck Dingée, Lesli Beasley, Ken Russell, Bruce Henninger.

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