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March 2019

Volume 35 Number 3

March 2019 issue:

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The Next Potluck Meeting is March 12th at 6:00

Speaker: Steve Chambers, Business Developer for Mustang Survival


Commodore's Corner

Your CYC board has been considering ways to make our club more welcoming to new members and one suggestion may make its way into our by-laws as an amendment. Keep you posted.

It brings to mind some of my earliest recollections as a new resident on Gate 9, long before I had any inclination to join a club.

I originally had an upwind slip on N-dock which proved challenging in the winter. I soon learned that by backing into the slip, I was protected from the prevailing southerlies and just that much closer to the Harbor Center for that mad dash to the Loo.

It also placed my cockpit right up to the walkway where I could easily monitor the comings and goings of Gate 9 residents.

One fine sunny spring afternoon, I was sitting in my cockpit, glass of wine and a book in hand (okay, so I’m a two fister) and “Fat Boy” asleep and sprawled across my lap, when a fellow I recognized as a denizen of Gate 9 (and, as I found out later, a long time CYC member) ambled by.

“ Aw, a lovely day for a glass of wine, but tell me, does the cat get his own glass?”

“Actually no,” I replied, “but he does get all the cat food he can eat.”

“That’s a pity. Do you know how difficult it is to teach a cat to drink beer?” He continued: “You see, I had this mole problem in my yard.”

At this point I had no idea where the conversation was going. Was this a stream of consciousness issue, apropos of nothing, or was this fellow certifiable? Yet, I confess, he had my attention. The mystery kept me engaged. Where are we going next?

He launched into his story: “I tried everything to get rid of them, even the poisoned grass seeds didn’t work. They just began sprouting all over, creating a patchwork of different grasses in my yard. Finally, someone mentioned cat piss. Moles don’t like it. So, I stuffed used cat litter down the mole holes in a corner of my yard and it worked! The moles avoided any place where I put the cat piss. The only problem? My cat didn’t produce enough piss to treat the whole yard. Hence, the beer. It took a while but the cat seemed to like it, and, eventually, I had enough cat piss to eradicate the moles. My wife made me stop, however, because the cat kept falling over.”

In spite of this experience or perhaps because of it, I soon joined the CYC.

Your commy,

PS-I will reward anyone who can identify this unnamed CYC storyteller.

Racing News

2019 Racing Season is almost here!

The 2019 CYC Racing Season is upon us and the Skippers Meeting is scheduled for March 14th from 17:00 to 18:00. If you are gainfully employed this is good practice for punching the clock early in time to make the races.

Location is The Local Public House and I encourage you to please bring your crew and enjoy the appetizers and ambiance. Oh, and alcohol!

CYC Racers will again enjoy a full 5 series of 5 races each bringing us quite near racing half of 2019. Better said, we will be racing nearly vernal to autumnal equinox!!! Whoa...mind blown...

The dates for CYC's 2019 Racing Season are as follows:

  • Series 1-4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2
  • Series 2-5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6
  • Series 3-6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18
  • Series 4-7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22
  • Series 5-8/29*, 9/5, 9/12, 9/19, 9/26

I hope you all had an enjoyable winter and look forward to seeing everyone on the 14th with your registration form, membership application, if applicable, and enthusiasm for our 2019 Season!

Here's to another safe, friendly, and windy CYC Racing Season!

Your Race Committee and Race Chair

*-Slow Pitch will be included in Series 5 as well as scored separately for the perpetual "slug" trophy.

2019 CYC Officers
and Board Members

Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Kathy Sheehan
Secretary - Roni Lenore
Treasurer - Jon Martin
Administrative Officer - Lesli Beasley
Membership Chair - Ken Russell
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Greg Hartgraves
Reciprocity - Greg Hartgraves
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Linda Benafel
Webmaster - Chuck Dingée

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Membership News

It is March, and I am in the middle of sorting out club member renewals for this year. We are going to press soon to publish the new club roster...


At the present time we have 95-member renewals which is a little lower than our 2018 membership total of about 105, but I suspect we will pick up a few more member renewals and new members as the year progresses.

NAME TAGS: If you are a new member or a legacy member, and you do not have a membership name tag, please let me know. Last year a few new members did not receive name tags, but I may not have a complete list. Name tags are usually kept at the Squalicum Club House on felt sheets where club members can pick them up when they arrive and leave them after the meeting. Taking them home often results in them being misplaced. In any event, IF YOU THINK YOU NEED A NAME TAG FOR THE COMING YEAR, PLEASE CONTACT ME.

... and I will make it happen!

Fair winds and smooth seas!
Ken Russell


A Steve Lorimer Seminar

Using & Understanding Navionics

Presenter: Jim Marcotte

Wednesday Evening, March 20, 2019, 7 p.m.‒8:30 p.m. Using & Understanding Navionics

Navionics Charts Cover The Entire Pacific Northwest to Alaska. (Please Have Navionics Pre-Installed On Tablet/Cell Phone)

  • Understand how to use & benefit from Navionics
  • Know how to set-up routes and navigate from waypoint to waypoint
  • Study tides and currents for navigation management
  • Understand why Navionics, at a cost of less than $25, serves as a valuable back-up for primary chart plotters

Limited Seating! Make Your Reservations Today!

What: Seminar: Using & Understanding Navionics
When: Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 7 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
Where: Bellingham Yacht Club, Ward Room, Bellingham, WA
Cost: $20/person; $35/couple1 (Cash, check preferred; credit card payment available, too)
Reservations: Required no later than Monday, March 18, 2019 Text To: 360-961-4948. OR see website:

Seminar Guides Provided With Detailed Information ...

Announcing 2 Steve Lorimer Seminars

Explore The “Other” Inside Passage
Fishing Hotspots In Northern B.C.

Steve Lorimer, Past Commander of the Bellingham Sail & Power Squadron & Seattle Boat Show Presenter, presents TWO (2) seminars to share Boating Adventures he and his wife, Cheryl, have explored in their more-than-30-years of cruising Puget Sound waters—all the way to Southeast Alaska.

1‒3 p.m. ... Explore The “Other” Inside Passage Seminar

  • Travel from Prince Rupert ... heading south via Principe Channel, Estevan Sound, & Laredo Channel
  • Identify choice anchorages ... including most likely places to see a Spirit Bear
  • Visit Larkin Point, transit Higgins Passage, & drop anchor at St. John Harbour—salmon hotspot
  • Head down the stunning, cruising area of Queen Sound
  • Take a side trip to Goose Island

3:15‒5:15 p.m. ... Fishing Hotspots in Northern B.C. Seminar

  • Identify several great salmon, halibut, prawn, and crab hotspots in Northern B.C.
  • Discuss how to catch these sea delicacies ... in detail—including tackle choices
  • Discover on charts ... how to identify sea creature habitats—to harvest them
  • Increase your odds of catching your favorite sea foods!

What: Detailed Handouts Included ... Limited Seating! Two Seminars: Explore The Other “Inside Passage” &
Fishing Hotspots in Northern B.C. *
When: Saturday, March 23, 2019, 1–3 p.m. & 3:15–5:15 p.m.
Where: Bellingham Yacht Club, Ward Room, Bellingham, WA
Cost: $20/person; $35/couple... per seminar (Cash, check, credit card)
Reservations: Required no later than Thursday, March 21... or Text: 360-961-4948.

*Recommend that you bring your Navionics app to mark routes/anchorages and fishing hotspots ...


The snow is melting, the temperatures are rising, and there is more activity down at the marina. These are sure signs that spring and boating season are just around the corner. It’s time to get started on those boat projects you’ve been putting off so you’ll be ready to shove off. If you are like us and your calendar fills up fast, it is also time to start planning your boating schedule. Our 2019 CYC Bellingham cruise schedule is nearly complete, and you can start putting these dates on your calendar.

Boating season is starting off with quite a flourish in May with something scheduled for every weekend. Our first CYC cruise is the Matia cleanup cruise which is May 17-19. We are looking for someone to host the Matia cruise. Please contact me if you would like to host.

We would like to have at least one cruise scheduled each month from May to October. Right now there are openings in July and September. If you would like to host a cruise in either of those months, you can select the location and dates. Also, if you have an idea for a cruise and/or want to host a cruise at any time, please contact me.

2019 CYC Bellingham Scheduled Cruises & Events:

May 4-5 Opening Day (harbor event)-Squalicum Harbor
May 11 CYC 10th Annual Benefit Dance-The Majestic
for the Community Boating Center
May 17-19 Matia Cleanup-TBD
May 24-27 Lopez Islander Resort
BYC/CYC Joint Cruise-Vickie & Chris Olson
June 21-23 Stewart Island, Turn Point Lighthouse- Pam Spencer
July ? Community Boating Center, ‘A Day on the Bay’-Mike Reed
July TBD
August 2-4 Anacortes Art Festival-Bruce & Cindy Henninger
September TBD
October 25-27 Blakely Island, Turkey Fry-Tracy & Troy Olney

Remember to use Yacht Destinations ( to see the list of clubs with whom we have reciprocal moorage agreements. Right now, CYC Bellingham has reciprocity with 112 reciprocal clubs. The website has information on the clubs, and how reciprocity works for each location with contacts.

Happy Sailing my Friends,

Greg Hartgraves


We have Steve Chambers, Business Developer for Mustang Survival speaking at our February 11th Potluck.

March 12th Potluck Presentation : Sailing to the Broughton Islands

Join us for a presentation on sailing to the Broughton Archipelago of British Columbia. Ken Russell and Alan Crabtree sailed their 34 foot vessel from Vancouver, B.C. to the Broughton Islands in August and September of 2018. See pictures of their trip, the routes they chose and hear about the harrowing and sublime adventures that they encountered

April 9th Potluck Presentation: Sailing to the Broughton Islands

Join us for a presentation on sailing to the Broughton Archipelago of British Columbia. Ken Russell and Alan Crabtree sailed their 34-foot vessel from Vancouver, B.C. to the Broughton Islands in August and September of 2018. See pictures of their trip, the routes they chose and hear about the harrowing and sublime adventures that they encountered

Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

March 2019

March 12: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

March 14: Racers Skippers Meeting, The Local

March 26: CYC Board Meeting, Commodore's House

April 2019

April 9: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

April 23: CYC Board Meeting, Commodore's House

Cruising Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Globs

Yield: 20 to 22 cookies


  • 6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter
  • 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips, divided
  • 2 ounces unsweetened chocolate
  • 2 extra-large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon instant espresso powder, such as Medaglia d'Oro
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 cup whole walnut halves (not chopped)
  • 1 cup whole pecan halves (not chopped)
  • 2/3 cup peanut butter chips, such as Reese's


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line a few sheet pans with parchment paper.
  2. In a bowl set over simmering water, melt the butter, 6 ounces of the chocolate chips, and the unsweetened chocolate, stirring occasionally, until just melted. Remove from the heat and cool for 15 minutes.
  3. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the eggs, espresso powder, and vanilla until combined.
  4. Add the sugar, raise the speed to medium-high, and beat for 2 minutes, until the batter is thick and falls back on itself in a ribbon. Set aside.
  5. With the mixer on low, slowly add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture. Combine the 1/3 cup of flour, baking powder, and salt in a small bowl and fold it into the chocolate mixture with a rubber spatula.
  6. In another bowl, combine the walnuts, pecans, peanut butter chips, the remaining 6 ounces of chocolate chips, and the tablespoon of flour and fold it into the chocolate mixture.
  7. With 2 soup spoons, drop rounded mounds of batter 1 inch apart onto the prepared sheet pans. Bake for 15 minutes exactly.
  8. Cool on the baking sheets.

2012, Barefoot Contessa Foolproof, All Rights Reserved

Flotsam and Jetsam

For Sale

Yamaha 26 tall rig – 1983- new laminate sails - $15,000 – in Bellingham


Contact: Greg Mozsgai – - (360) 441-5892

Juquehy is racer/cruiser in the truest sense. Hull design based on the winner 1978 Quarter Ton World Championships. Extremely well built and cared for boat equally at home racing around the buoys (PHRF-NW rated 197) or cruising in the San Juans and beyond. Turnkey boat needs nothing but a new, caring owner.

Rig details:

Fractional rig with tapered mast, furling headsail and symmetrical spinnaker. Tall rig design (3 ft. taller than standard version) gives extra power in our notoriously light summer winds.

Sail inventory:

  • 2-year-old laminated main by UK Sails, 2 of 4 full battens, 2 reefs (excellent condition).
  • 1 year old carbon laminate genoa (150%) by Bellingham Sails (excellent condition)
  • 1 year old symmetrical spinnaker (excellent condition)
  • Dacron jib (110%) (good condition)
  • Asymmetrical cruising chute (good condition)
  • Dacron main, 3 reefs (fair condition)
  • Dacron genoa (155%) (fair condition)

All running rigging upgraded with top of the line Samson Dyneema lines.
5 Lewmar winches on deck all recently cleaned and serviced.
Amsteel-Blue lifelines (also have stainless steel ones if you prefer).

Yanmar 1gm diesel with annual servicing (oil-change, zincs, filters, etc.). Starts immediately and runs strong. 6 gal. stainless fuel tank.
Gori 2 blade folding prop. (have fixed 2 blade prop as well).
1-year-old batteries :1 starting & 1 house (deep draw) with charger.
Shore-power system.
Simrad tillerpilot.
Bulkhead mounted compass, depth sounder, and knot log .
Garmin handheld GPS with bulkhead mounting loaded with local marine charts.
Fixed VHF radio with new antenna.
Danforth anchor with 140’ of chain + rope rode.

Sleeps 4: 2 quarter berths + v-berth.
Clever Yamaha convertible dinette system allows cabin to be configured multiple ways.
Loads of interior storage.
All lights inside and out upgraded to LEDs.
Marine head with 4-year-old holding tank (6 gal.), Y-valve and macerator pump.
Origo single burner alcohol stove.
Icebox well insulated and will retain ice for days.
Clean, functional fresh water tank (18 gal.) and foot-pump

Custom Sunbrella dodger
Custom Sunbrella cockpit enclosure: significantly increases usable space when cruising or during winter.
Swim step on transom with integrated fold down ladder makes swimming easy.
Custom mount that allows dinette table top to be mounted in cockpit for outdoor dining.
Sunbrella covers for all sails, winches, tiller and companionway.

Excellent overall condition. Boat has been well cared for her entire life and has been sailed weekly for the last 3 years.
Dry-dry-dry. No leaks and a bone-dry bilge. The only water in the bilge comes from the icebox drain (problem solved by using frozen water bottles rather than block ice).
Boat was last hauled 11/2018 – bottom faired and painted + new zincs.
Extremely well built Japanese hull has no blisters or other damage.
All original factory manuals and paperwork come with the boat along with loads of receipts of parts and work from the last 5 years.
All required (and some additional) safety equipment.
Lots of spares.

More information on the model can be found at:

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12 MAR 2019
Linda Benafel, Laurent Martel, Chuck Dingée, Ken Russell, Greg Hartgraves.

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