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July 2020

Volume 36 Number 7

July 2020 issue:

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There will be no July meeting.


Commodore's Corner


I was on my way down to the boat after Memorial weekend and it occurred to me that I might wish to pump out the biffy. Has anyone else noticed that if you are pushing R2D2 (pumpout cart) down the dock, there is no issue? Everyone gives you plenty of social distance!

This has not been the best sailing season for me thus far. Either it’s our lovely Juneuary weather, the Covid thing or family (not sure which is more devastating). The Falcon has been out of its slip just twice this year. . I think it a conspiracy!

However, that does not mean the boat is not used. My buddy, Pete, gave me a call before Memorial Day; “Laurent, the kids are driving us Covid crazy, if you are not using the boat this weekend, could the girls have a slumber party on-board?” Now that could be devastating enough, but Pete had been my mentor and instructor all those years back when I was “learning my ropes” with the Falcon. Well, I just couldn’t say no in spite of the fact that after all these years, he has this infuriating habit of making reference to a “three-hour tour” and still insists on calling me his “little buddy!” When will I ever graduate to “Grasshopper!”

The girls brought their kayaks over from Pete’s boat (also on Gate 9, L-dock…but no biffy on-board) and all reports from my N-dock neighbors that weekend confirm that the girls had a great time paddling around the harbor and hanging out on the boat. I am still impressed with our small community on Gate 9 and how we all look after each other’s boats. So, I must commend my N-dock neighbor who bravely confronted those two teenage girls with; “What are you doing on Laurent’s boat?” Marta replied as only a teenager could…with attitude: “ I’ve been on this boat since I was 6 months old!” (And I believe it was earlier than that!)

My instincts about the pump out proved correct. No one can fill up a holding tank faster than two teenagers.

Your Commy,

Secretary’s Report

There is nothing to report as there was no Board meeting in June

Mary Durbrow, CYC Secretary

Treasurer's Report

We are current and up to sate on all of our expenditures. I recently paid the Insurance and the costs to produce and mail out the 2020 roster. So far this year, we have donated $2,500 to the Community Boating Center, and $300 each to the Zodiac, Lady Washington and the Adventuress.

–Jon Martin
CYC Treasurer

Membership News

No changes in membership, no new applications that I know of. All quiet on the Western Front. 

That’s it for this month—the weather is beautiful, get out there and sail!

Ken Russell

2020 CYC Officers
and Board Members

Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Kathy Sheehan
Secretary - Mary Durbrow
Treasurer - Jon Martin
Education & Programs - Andreas Weinrich
Membership Chair - Ken Russell
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Greg Hartgraves
Reciprocity - Greg Hartgraves
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Mike Reed
Webmaster - Chuck Dingée

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Greetings members,
I’m grateful how well our second online potluck meeting in May went.
Our thanks to Mike Huston from San Juan Sailing for his insight into successful anchoring

I hope you all stay healthy and well

Racing News

Ahoy, CYC Racers!!!

Hard to believe it is already July!

I trust everyone is holding up well in the tumultuous and crazy times we find ourselves in. The good news is we have been racing on Thursday nights!  The BYC Wednesday nights have canceled for the year and we have had a lot of Wednesday night Racers move to Thursday night's making for some packed starting lines, exciting action on the racecourse, and all-around good fun! We should have committee boats for the duration of the season, but I wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Todd Koetje as our reliable rabbit when the race committee boat is absent.

Be safe, stay healthy, and see you on the water!

Sean Jones


Cruising and Reciprocity

There are currently no scheduled cruises for the rest of 2020. If you would like to host a cruise and can follow state guidelines regarding COVID-19, please contact me at

San Juan county has applied for phase 3 status and is waiting for Washington State approval. Information on the current status of San Juan county travel can be found at -

Information on the current status of marine state parks can be found at -

Stuart Island Cruise June 27-28, 2020

The cruise to Stuart occurred on June 26-28 and those attending maintained physical distancing. This has traditionally been a work party cruise to prepare the Turn Point Lighthouse for the summer opening. The Turn Point Lighthouse Preservation Society has decided not to open the house and museums this year and the work party was canceled. The grounds at Turn Point are open for our enjoyment.

Well there was no work to be done this year, but Greg and Kathy Hartgraves on Blue Skies had us working on an amazing puzzle hunt. Kathy Sheehan and Chuck Dingee on Runaway, Kim and Neal Bittner on their new boat Salish Song, Priscilla and Joe Sulham on Gypsy Lass, Andreas Weinrich on Free, Vicky and Chris Olson on Real Time, Pam Spencer and Steve Hetcher on Telos, Mike and Julie Mathews on Friendship and non-members Jim Larrison and Kelly Eret on Azulita were set to task on a beautiful sunny Saturday. The first puzzle to be solved was found in the campground at Prevost Harbor. You had to solve the puzzle to figure out the letters that spelled out the location of the next clue. We gathered at the dock at 10:30 am and each small group headed off walking out to Turn Point Lighthouse keeping the appropriate amount of physical distance from each other. Luckily, this was not a race so we could take our time solving each puzzle. I loved the Sudoku puzzle that gave you the numbers in certain colors from the Sudoku puzzle that you had to solve. Those numbers then went on a color chart and then you had to use the periodic table of eElements to determine the letters for each group of numbers. The result ended up spelling ‘Car Wreck’ which is where the next clue was! Honestly, it was absolutely brilliant! The last puzzle had to be solved by matching the bird identification with the picture of the bird which spelled ‘Blue Skies Transom’. I am not sure how many made it over to Blue Skies Transom, but our dinghy is really hard to row and Blue Skies was way over in the other corner of Prevost! (no excuse I know).

We all had lunch at the Lighthouse and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and reminisced of the work that we have done there and of the whales that we have seen in the past. Chuck had the best story in which he witnessed all three resident pods playing, spy hopping, and breaching right in front of the lighthouse! Some of us ventured along the bluff trail to see the stunning totem pole which is a story in itself.

Chuck and Kathy, Pam and Steve and Andreas were tied to the linear buoy in Prevost Harbor. We had front row seats to Chuck’s evening concert on the water! Everyone was invited to join us in their dinghy’s. Unfortunately, it was a cool evening and it started to drizzle. Kathy and Greg motored over and Andy Hansen on Tsirku dinghied up. Fortunately, Chuck’s voice could be heard around the harbor so really everyone was able to enjoy the concert.

While we had to keep social distance from each other and wear masks I loved the impromptu nature and the willingness to create a very memorable 2020 COVID 19 trip to Stuart Island! Thank you all for coming and thank you to Kathy and Greg for such a fun puzzle hunt. Thank you, Chuck, for entertaining us each evening. The prize from Blue Skies Transom was homemade strawberry jam for each boat! Delicious! Till next year…You gotta come!

Cheers! Pam

Kathy Sheehan has posted pictures of the cruise on the CYC Bellingham Facebook page -

Andreas Weinrich produced a couple of wonderful videos of the cruise -


The new reciprocity sign (2 ft x 3 ft) has been installed on the gate 9 guest dock.

For those CYC Bellingham members who occupy reciprocity slips, please remember to put out your available sign and place a return date in the dock box tube when you are out.


Greg Hartgraves


Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

Editor’s Notes


I recently became the creator of several collections of boat parts that both a current member (Bill Apt) as well as a past member (Gary Eerkes) seemed to feel they no longer needed as they no longer had boats. Both folks asked that I offer pieces of these collections to members at no cost. The photos below are an attempt at showcasing what there is to offer. Much of the hardware was meant for boats in the 20-30 ft range. If you are interested in or have questions about any of the pieces please contact me (Mike Reed) at

Misc-2 Blocks-and-schakles Battens Misc-1

Relax and find some joy in these different times.
Please remember too that while we can’t change the direction of the wind, we can trim our sails
(or slow down and quarter the waves for you power boaters).

Mike Reed, Editor


Neal Bittner submitted the following photo and asks us:
“Where was it taken and what’s wrong with the photo?”


Cruising Recipes

Pickled Gulf Shrimp

The "pickling" is mild; more of a marination. Chef Jerome says that five dried bay leaves can be subbed for the three fresh.


SERVINGS: 6-8 servings


4 quarts cold water
1/3 cup Old Bay Seasoning
1 lemon, halved
2 tablespoons kosher salt, divided
3 pounds American Gulf or Georgia White shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/2 teaspoon whole allspice berries
1 teaspoon celery seed
2 cloves garlic, mashed into a paste
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
2 1/2 cups extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
3/4 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped
1 Vidalia onion or other sweet onion, thinly sliced
3 fresh or 5 dried bay leaves
6 fresh thyme sprigs
3 vine-ripened tomatoes (about 1 pound total), sliced
2 ripe avocados, halved, pitted, peeled and sliced


Pour the water into a large pot. Add the Old Bay seasoning, lemon halves and 1 tablespoon of the salt and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Poach the shrimp in the simmering water until they are pink and opaque, 2 to 3 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, quickly transfer the shrimp to a colander and rinse under cold water to stop the cooking. Leave the shrimp in the colander to drain well.

Crush the allspice berries and celery seeds with the back of a knife until they are finely ground; then transfer them to a medium bowl. Add the garlic paste, red pepper flakes, oil, lemon juice, parsley and the remaining 1 tablespoon of salt. Whisk until all the ingredients are fully incorporated. Stir in the onion, bay leaves and thyme sprigs.

Place the cooked shrimp in a glass container. Add the marinade, cover and refrigerate overnight.

To serve, separate the shrimp and onions from the liquid and arrange on a serving platter, garnishing with tomato and avocado slices. Whisk the remaining marinade into an emulsion and spoon some of it over the shrimp and vegetables. Leftover shrimp can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.


Linda Benafel

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11 JUL 2020
Mike Reed, Laurent Martel, Mary Durbrow, Chuck Dingée, Ken Russell, Greg Hartgraves, Sean Jones, Andreas Weinrich, Jon Martin, Linda Benafel.

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