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The Next Potluck Meeting is September 12 at 6:00

For our September potluck, Brooke Love (Western Washington University, Department of Environmental Sciences) will talk on the subject of Ocean Acidification and how it affects our boats.

2017 Cruises

Ahoy Cruisers! Our cruise schedule is pretty much ship-shape for 2017 thanks to members who volunteered to host cruises. We have a cruise scheduled for each month, some tried-and-true and some new. It has been suggested that we also list some “unhosted cruises” where we identify a location and then whoever shows up, shows up. This seems like a good suggestion, and one that I will work on refining in the coming month. If you have any suggestions in this regard, please email me.

CYC 2017 Cruise Schedule

  • April 29 Inati Bay (A) (Rex Williams & Ayumi Takabe) CANCELLED, see below
  • May 5-6 Opening Day (Club Event)
  • May 19-21 Matia Cleanup (A/D) (Neal & Kim Bittner)
  • May 26-28 Lopez Islander Resort/BYC (D) (Chris & Vickie Olson)
  • June 23-25 Turn Point Light, Stuart Island (Terry & Kerry Thalhofer and Pam Spencer)
  • July 1–2 Spencer Spit Lopez (A/M) (Ken Russell & Deb Bryant)
  • August 4-6 Anacortes Arts Festival (D) (Bruce & Cindy Henninger)
  • August 12 CBC “Day on the Water” (Laurent Martel & Amanda Eurich)
  • Sept 21-24 Montague Harbour Galiano (A/D) (Ron & Linda Battle)
  • Oct 27 – 29 Blakely Island Turkey Cruise (D) (Tracy & Troy Olney)

The Inati Bay kick-off cruise has run into some troubled waters.... Currently there is a logging operation working in this small bay with a log boom being built and a a steel float anchored in the middle of the bay. Not the best situation for a cruise rendezvous.

In the interest of safety we are canceling the Inati cruise and suggest that as an alternative you cruise on over to Wander Brewing in Bellingham (1807 Dean Ave.) on Saturday, April 29, at 6pm for a friendly and fun CYC social hour to talk about boats, sailing and related matters. Rumor has it that Ayumi will bring her origami paper ;-)

A big thank you to the club members who have volunteered to host, it would not happen without you! To club members who go on cruises but have not hosted a cruise before—you should try it! It is easy to host a cruise, and it is a great way to contribute to keeping our club a vibrant place to meet other sailors while having fun in our beautiful Salish Sea!

CYC Bellingham “Anacortes Art Festival” Cruise

August 4/5/6 2017 - Hosted by Bruce & Cindy Henninger

This is a great cruise to a beautiful marina. The Art Festival is one of the best in the state with something for everyone’s interest. Three separate stages with a variety of music genres. Many food venders, plus the great eateries in town!

  • Limited space available- $1.35 per ft. up to 50’
  • Email Bruce to get your moorage soon!
  • Boat name, overall length, nights (Fri, Sat)
  • Cell 360 319 6827

–Ken Russell
2017 CYC Cruise Chair

2017 CYC Dance Report

February 25th the CYC held our 8th Annual Benefit Dance for the Community Boating Center. It was a fun event. We had 76 attend the dance this year and everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of the Replayzmentz Band.

Thanks to an anonymous CBC donor matching the total donations from the Paddle Auction the CBC made a total of $3,150.

I would like to thank the Dance committee and all of the CYC & CBC volunteers that made this dance possible.

Hosting A CYC Cruise:

First and foremost you must select a cruise that sparks your interest, whether a favorite destination to share with other CYC members or a location that you have always wanted to visit but until now have not done so.

Second, you determine dates that suit your schedule.

Third, you decide what activities, if any, you wish to explore such as hiking, dining, shopping, beach combing etc and whether or not there will be any pot lucks or BBQs.

Once these tasks are decided you can send an email to all members by sending it to the cruise chair or webmaster who will forward it to the membership.

Then you coordinate the trip with members so that you have a destination, phone numbers, boat names (radio contact), MMSI numbers, and any other necessities. Then you sail together or converge at your planned destination and have a wonderful time exploring the area!

Photographs and a paragraph or two in the next newsletter are always a welcome addition.

Please remember that your back yard (San Juan and Gulf Islands) contains some of the best cruising grounds in the world. Get out there and enjoy your boat and your fellow CYC members.

Valuable information about local cruising can be found in San Juan Islands, a Boater's Guidebook by Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer, 2013.

Contact your Cruise Chairperson for any additional information: Ron Battle (360) 319-7478 or email:

–Ron Battle
2016 CYC Cruise Chair

For cruising between the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands, the following things may expedite customs procedures:

  1. Apply for a Nexus card and become a trusted traveler. Fee is $50 for 5 years:
  2. As a trusted traveler, get a Boater Registration (BR) number from the Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS):
  3. If your vessel is 30ft or longer get a yearly user fee decal from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Currently $27.50 per year:

When entering Canada, call the NEXUS Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) at 1 866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987). If all members on board have a Nexus card, you may not have to check in at a port!

When returning to the U.S., call the Puget Sound CBP marine reporting number at 1-800-562-5943. Have your BR#, user fee decal #, and Nexus card # handy. If everyone on board has a Nexus card and BR#, you will probably NOT need to check in at a port! This gives you a lot more flexibility in your return trip course.

If you have cabin fever this winter, you may need a project to keep you engaged in all things nautical! How about hand sewing a traditional ditty bag to hold all your sail repair goodies? See The Sailmaker's Apprentice by Emiliano Marino. You can get this book and complete kit of parts from Sailrite
Happy Sewing!

Joe Sulham had previously talked about keeping old Waggoner Cruising Guides for armchair sailing. I keep an old one in the bathroom . . . for research!

Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

September 2017

September 12: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

September 21-25: Montague Harbour, Galiano, Gulf Islands Cruise

September 26: CYC Board meeting

October 2017

October 10: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

October 24: CYC Board meeting

October 27-27: Blakely Island Turkey Cruise

Turkey Fry Cruise Report

We had exceptional weather for this year's Turkey Fry cruise on Oct 28-30. For the boats that came over on Friday- WineKnot, Night Heron, Sapphire, At Last, Liberty, Manana, and Moonlight there was sunshine and smooth seas all the way over. After starting a roaring fire in the pavilion we decorated, ate appetizers, played games, listened to music and pretty much had the best happy hour ever!

Saturday brought a downpour of rain for about 2 hours first thing in the morning but then the skies cleared and it was beautiful for the arrival of our commodore, Steve, et. al., sailing on IGMU and Telos, our final vessel to join the company. A huge feast ensued with all the fixins, Troy's famous gravy, Sylvia's rich potatoes, Deb's savory stuffing, Linda's buttered rolls and vegetable dish. Vicki, I'm sure cooked all week preparing all the food she and Delayne brought and of course Donna's delicious pecan pie. This is just naming a few of the amazing foods prepared for our Thanksgiving Dinner. What a party! Many folks were ready for naps after our meal but we managed to play a few games and even learned some line dancing before calling it a night. The picture of the sunset was taken Saturday night and that gave way to a sky full of stars.

Sunday morning was equally beautiful. Troy and I stopped on the way home to fish at Cypress island, caught one for dinner that night, and took this picture of Liberty cruising home with Mt Baker in the back ground. Another successful Blakely Island cruise.

Thank you to everyone for making it so special, this cruise definitely requires team work and you always pitch in with whatever needs to be done. Cruising trips is a crucial part of CYC, all year long, and I encourage everyone to explore this option and plan a cruise!


Editor's Note: Tracy and Troy did an AWESOME job making the Turkey Fry Cruise an absolutely wonderful event! They put a huge amount of work into organizing and hosting the event including white table cloths, seasonal lighting, propane heaters and so many other touches and amenities. All their hard work made this event really special! What a great way to cap the cruising season!

Canada Enforcing New Border-Crossing Policy

As members learned from Mike Brydie of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at a recent CYC meeting, Canada's Border Services Agency (CBSA) has amended its rules governing when boaters must report to Canadian officials that they have entered Canadian waters.

Although rules in both the United States and Canada have for years stipulated that boaters entering foreign waters do not have to report to the appropriate border agency unless they land, drop anchor or moor alongside another vessel, Canada changed its rules in 2010.

The new Canadian rule states that "all foreign boaters entering Canadian waters are required to present themselves to the CBSA regardless of whether they drop anchor, land, tie up to a dock, enter an inland tributary or moor alongside another vessel while in Canadian waters." The only exception is for vessels that are "in transit" through Canada.

The Canadian rule change has caused confusion and protest by boaters on both sides of the border. It has also resulted in a situation where the CBP may request those U.S. boaters who have reported their entry to CBSA (even though they don't touch land in Canada) to report their return to U.S. waters to U.S. officials. In other words, if you are on a U.S. boat that strays across the border to whale watch and you have paperwork (entry number) onboard saying you entered Canadian waters, then you must get entry clearance returning to the United States.

See the fact sheet on the Canada Border Services Agency website.

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2017 CYC Officers
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Commodore - Laurent Martel
Vice-Commodore - Bruce Henninger
Secretary - Priscilla Sulham
Treasurer - Troy Olney
Administrative Officer - Lesli Beasley
Membership Chair - Tracy Olney
Race Chair - Sean Jones
Cruise Chair - Ken Russell
Reciprocity - Neal Bittner
Past Commodore - Steve Clevenger
Newsletter - Linda Benafel

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