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The Next Potluck Meeting is June 12th at 6:00 PM

Speakers: Coast Guard Talk and Flare Shoot (Bring Outdated Flares)

You won't want to miss our June 12th Potluck. After we have finished eating, Jon Martin has arranged to have members of the Coast Guard give a talk about how they would like to be contacted in various situations such as emergent or less-than-emergent situations, using VHF and cell phones. We will then have an opportunity to talk about using flares and other devices.

Next we will head over to the breakwater area and Corinthian members can shoot off their flare guns and ignite a hand held flare. Mike Reed will also have his boat out in the bay, and he will shoot off various types of flares, including standard 12 gauge flares along with a 25 gauge flare, and a SOLAS parachute signal rocket. He will demonstrate the new non-incendiary signal device. Mike will also have a personal strobe light such as one might attach to a life vest. People can get an idea of what it looks like from shore when one is trying to signal using flares and a rescue light.

Members are encouraged to bring their flare gun and expired flares for personal use, along with eye and hearing protection. A half dozen or so safety glasses will be provided as well as some foam ear plugs. The Coast Guard personnel are also invited to share our meal, so bring a few extra helpings with you for the potluck. This is meant to be a fun and interactive evening that is designed to increase your confidence in contacting the Coast Guard or other boaters if the need were to ever arise.

Thank you Jon for arranging such a wonderful event for our members. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR OUTDATED FLARES.

–Lesli Beasley (360) 201-1669
CYC Administration Officer

LifeSling Class - Saturday June 9th

If you have ever wondered how to use the LifeSling in a crew overboard situation or if it's been a while since you learned how to use one properly, and you would like an update on its proper use then this class is for you.

On Saturday, June 9th I will be leading a class on the theory and practice of getting an overboard crew member back onboard both sail and power boats. The class will first meet in a classroom session for a review of the methods and theory. We'll then move down to the docks where we will practice the set-up and use of the LifeSling for hoisting a person back onboard a variety of boats. That session will be followed by an on-the-water practice of deploying the LifeSling and returning to the victim (for safety reasons we will not be deploying people into the water).

If you are interested in possibly participating in this class, and have not signed the interest sheet at a CYC meeting, please contact Mike or Karen Reed at (360)733-4252 or at Let us know not only your name(s) but email address as well. Indicate also if you would consider:

  • Making your boat available for the practice sessions.
  • Learning how to mentor those on your boat during the practice sessions.
  • Assist in setting up the classroom and or docks.

Please let us know your intentions soon as the size of the class will be limited to the number of boats and mentors we can have available.

Mike Reed


June 22-June 24


Join us for a wonderful day working to help preserve this historic lighthouse on Stuart Island. There has been an amazing effort to preserve and present the history of this lighthouse. If you have never joined the annual work party, it is a must do on your bucket list!!

If we are lucky, and often we are, the orca whales swim up to the point and then cross over to Canada. It is an amazing sight to be able to look down at them as they swim right next to the cliffs of Stuart Island. We always break to watch the whales!

Anchor in Prevost Harbor.

Meet at the Government Dock in Prevost Harbor at 9:00 AM Saturday, June 23rd. Weather permitting, you can anchor in the northwest area of Prevost Harbor to be closer to the dock. (We will be driven to the Turnpoint Lighthouse)

Water will be provided throughout the day

Lunch will be provided (make your own meat and cheese sandwiches, chips, watermelon, grapes, and cookies!)

Potluck on the beach at 6 pm

What to bring:

  • work gloves
  • sun screen
  • hats
  • camera

Let me know if you are able to join us! Please RSVP with the name of your boat, number of people, and your cell number.


Cruise Schedule for 2018

Cruise Chair – Ken Russell 360-738-0623

Please consider hosting one or more cruises during the season. Dates and hosts for confirmed cruises are listed below, with the mode of moorage (anchor, dock, etc.) indicated in parentheses. To make the other locations a “go,” we need hosts!

April 27-29 Matia Cleanup Neal & Kim Bittner
May 5-6 Opening Day Squalicum Harbor
May (Memorial wknd) 25-28 BYC/CYC Joint Cruise Vickie & Chris Olson
June 9 Lifesling course Jon Martin & Mike Reed
June 22-24 Stewart Is/Turn Pt Light Pam Spencer/Terry & Kerry Thalhofer
July 14-15 Sucia Island Bob & Ann Cooper
August 3-5 Anacortes Art Festival Bruce & Cindy Henninger
September -You can volunteer to host this cruise! See below-
October 20-22 Blakely Is Turkey Fry Tracy & Troy Olney

Note: We need hosts for the September cruise, contact Ken Russell to volunteer!

Good cruise destinations:

  • Aleck Bay, Lopez Island (A)
  • Clark Island (M)
  • Deer Harbor, Orcas Island (A/D)
  • Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island (M)
  • Garrison Bay, San Juan Island (A)
  • Lighted Boat Dock Party, Squalicum (D)
  • Lummi Island (A)
  • Obstruction Pass Park (A/M)
  • Pleasant Cove, Chuckanut Bay (A)
  • Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island (A/D)
  • Rosario Resort, Orcas Island (D),
  • Round the County (M)
  • “Thelma and Louise” women’s cruise
  • Vendovi Island (D)
  • West Sound, Orcas Island (R/D/A) Winter Cove, Saturna Island (A)
  • Whirlwind Cruise: Jones Island, Deer Harbor-West Sound (A/D)
  • Other options: you can choose your own destination! All in the Gulf Islands (one week to 10 days)
  • Port Browning:Port of entry and provisioning (A/D)
  • Montague Harbor (A/D)
  • Wallace Island (A/D)
  • Pirates Cove, De Courcy Island (A)
  • Ganges, Salt Spring Island (A/D)
  • Portland Island, North Cove (A)

A = Anchor
D= Dock or Marina
M= Mooring buoy
R = reciprocal

Memorial Day Cruise Report

We had a great time at Fisherman's Bay over Memorial Day weekend with the BYC. We had 23 boats, and the weather was great (albeit a little breezy, but it made for some great sailing there and back). It was great having our illustrious Commodore Martel in attendance as well! Being a long weekend, we enjoyed all the free time to go fishing, kayaking, visiting the Farmer's Market, and just hanging out. We had over 60 people at Saturday night's potluck which featured sliced ham and a game of 5 card poker mashup with prizes for the high and low hand. Many people left on Sunday, but we still had around 30 people for our Seafood Feast on the dock including fresh caught lingcod (thanks Troy) and shrimp as well as a cocktail special we call "Island Dreams." Thanks to everyone who attended! We had great time hanging out with you.

Vickie and Chris Olson

2018CYC-BYC-cruise1 2018CYC-BYC-cruise2

–Ken Russell
2017 CYC Cruise Chair

Hosting A CYC Cruise:

First and foremost you must select a cruise that sparks your interest, whether a favorite destination to share with other CYC members or a location that you have always wanted to visit but until now have not done so.

Second, you determine dates that suit your schedule.

Third, you decide what activities, if any, you wish to explore such as hiking, dining, shopping, beach combing etc and whether or not there will be any pot lucks or BBQs.

Once these tasks are decided you can send an email to all members by sending it to the cruise chair or webmaster who will forward it to the membership.

Then you coordinate the trip with members so that you have a destination, phone numbers, boat names (radio contact), MMSI numbers, and any other necessities. Then you sail together or converge at your planned destination and have a wonderful time exploring the area!

Photographs and a paragraph or two in the next newsletter are always a welcome addition.

Please remember that your back yard (San Juan and Gulf Islands) contains some of the best cruising grounds in the world. Get out there and enjoy your boat and your fellow CYC members.

Valuable information about local cruising can be found in San Juan Islands, a Boater's Guidebook by Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer, 2013.

Contact your Cruise Chairperson for any additional information: Ron Battle (360) 319-7478 or email:

–Ron Battle
2016 CYC Cruise Chair

For cruising between the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands, the following things may expedite customs procedures:

  1. Apply for a Nexus card and become a trusted traveler. Fee is $50 for 5 years:
  2. As a trusted traveler, get a Boater Registration (BR) number from the Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS):
  3. If your vessel is 30ft or longer get a yearly user fee decal from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Currently $27.50 per year:

When entering Canada, call the NEXUS Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) at 1 866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987). If all members on board have a Nexus card, you may not have to check in at a port!

When returning to the U.S., call the Puget Sound CBP marine reporting number at 1-800-562-5943. Have your BR#, user fee decal #, and Nexus card # handy. If everyone on board has a Nexus card and BR#, you will probably NOT need to check in at a port! This gives you a lot more flexibility in your return trip course.

If you have cabin fever this winter, you may need a project to keep you engaged in all things nautical! How about hand sewing a traditional ditty bag to hold all your sail repair goodies? See The Sailmaker's Apprentice by Emiliano Marino. You can get this book and complete kit of parts from Sailrite
Happy Sewing!

Joe Sulham had previously talked about keeping old Waggoner Cruising Guides for armchair sailing. I keep an old one in the bathroom . . . for research!

Do you have a computer or mobile device to keep your appointments and weekly schedule? Do you want to add CYC events to that electronic calendar?

Cruising schedule and other CYC events are listed on the CYC Google Calendar, which is updated periodically. You can subscribe to the CYC Google Calendar on your computer or smart phone or see the Events & Cruises page.

Need help getting started? Talk to Chuck Dingée.

June 2018

June 9: Man Overboard Class

June 12: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

June 22-24: Turn Point Lighthouse Cruise

July 2018

July 10: CYC potluck, SYC Clubhouse

Canada Enforcing New Border-Crossing Policy

As members learned from Mike Brydie of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at a recent CYC meeting, Canada's Border Services Agency (CBSA) has amended its rules governing when boaters must report to Canadian officials that they have entered Canadian waters.

Although rules in both the United States and Canada have for years stipulated that boaters entering foreign waters do not have to report to the appropriate border agency unless they land, drop anchor or moor alongside another vessel, Canada changed its rules in 2010.

The new Canadian rule states that "all foreign boaters entering Canadian waters are required to present themselves to the CBSA regardless of whether they drop anchor, land, tie up to a dock, enter an inland tributary or moor alongside another vessel while in Canadian waters." The only exception is for vessels that are "in transit" through Canada.

The Canadian rule change has caused confusion and protest by boaters on both sides of the border. It has also resulted in a situation where the CBP may request those U.S. boaters who have reported their entry to CBSA (even though they don't touch land in Canada) to report their return to U.S. waters to U.S. officials. In other words, if you are on a U.S. boat that strays across the border to whale watch and you have paperwork (entry number) onboard saying you entered Canadian waters, then you must get entry clearance returning to the United States.

See the fact sheet on the Canada Border Services Agency website.

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